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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!

-Bob Marley


That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.



21 Best Pics of All Time of the Week
This week’s pics are right to think very highly of themselves.

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Earthrise. Imagine yourself living on the moon. You wake up and all you see is dust and craters. You feel alone. You can walk for hundreds of miles in any direction and it is all the same. Then you see this beautiful sphere blooming with life rise above the horizon - an earthrise. 

You reach out and desire to know what it feels to be in such a beautiful place. To breathe it’s fresh air and float on its clear waters. You thought… if you were only living in such a place you would go out and experience it in all its wonders. 
Now look around and realize that you do in fact live in that beautiful place. You live on earth. You can experience it for all the you can because everywhere in the universe is desolation, nothing but barren lifelessness. 
Consider yourself lucky ;D. Now get out there and wander! Put sunscreen though cuz its hottt XD

Love by Alexandria Shankweiler

Tigers are beautiful